why you should go to Toulouse

The thing that struck me about Toulouse was how open and friendly everyone was. I was staying with French sixth-form students and it seemed like everyone kept coming up to ask for a joint
Near one of the jazz manouche bars in Toulouse
Another thing was that every public space was used to make art. The walls were covered in graffiti - often way more creative than a tag, like a huge mushroom wearing sunglasses and smoking - and the monuments were topped in colourful sculptures and silly string. We went into an old chapel and found the walls adorned in screens showing contemporary art videos next to the religious paintings

La Chapelle des Carmélites. And in the corner, an installation of LV products with stitches unpicked
Sadly, my favourite pop-up sculpture of the week (a giant purple octopus sitting on top of a fountain) was stolen in the night just before I left. Which is pretty impressive considering how big it was, but then again the town is full of resourceful students

Albi, best known for its immense (and scary-looking) cathedral
If you're looking for a stunning Medieval town full of cultural sights (and pretty near the Pyrénées) then Toulouse is ideal. We visited Carcassonne, Albi and Lastours, all famous for their beauty and history.
Having said that, the best part of our stay was the nightlife. Toulouse is full of bars (our exchanges told us that it also has a famous gay fetish scene) and everyone knew how to have a good time. It was great for me because I still can't get into clubs in London so it all new and exciting
Our hosts put a really fun week together with jazz cafes, bars, parties and a slightly unhinged Norwegian rap concert. I just can't wait to go back and I'd recommend it to everyone. It ticks all the cultural boxes but the best bit has got to be how young and alive it feels - it's a student town - especially after dark. So go there!


  1. This post is amazing! I will definitely go :D
    I really love the way you have your blog :) I'm following your steps now :D


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