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The Belmont leather rucksack by sustainable brand Abel, £250

I love the way bags look as they age, as they change colour and soften up. But my little black handbag has been flaking for a year now and when the clasp broke off the other day I decided it was time for a change. So I'm going on an ethical backpack hunt!

It has to be made by a responsible brand, be a versatile colour (and style) and look amazing. But I can't afford anything over £80, so the beauty above is ruled out, sadly. These are what I've found so far

1.Brave backpack by Matt + Nat, £80
This bag is basically the reason I raised my price limit from £60. Matt + Nat uses sustainable materials - never animal products - like recycled bottles and cork; they also favour PU over PVC for environmental reasons... and this looks pretty good. However its a bit on the large side and not cheap either

2. Leather gym bag by Pieces, £60 (was £120)
 Maybe this isn't as much of a lasting style but I like the idea of an old school gym bag fashioned out of high-quality leather. Pieces comes under the Bestseller brand umbrella which means its got plenty of sustainable practices, like monitoring work conditions and the chemical processes used to make its products. But then again the bag is made of leather...

This may be nothing like the other bags in the post, but I like it all the same. And money from each Stone + Cloth purchase goes towards providing scholarships to underprivileged children. Just not sure if its too casual, as I already have a big rucksack that I'm in love with and I'm looking for something smaller that I can pair with more formal outfits

What other sustainable bag brands are there? I need help


  1. Gorgeous bags!!! Love the first one! xx, Alma

  2. i love the brave backpack! the shape is so great.


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