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Been looking for some practical shoes for a while now. Found these at Office and they seem perfect. I love cleated soles like anything, and they're so versatile. They're £55 which is a lot to someone getting by on pocket money, so I expected them to be really good quality and long-lasting ... and they're not bad overall, but the insides are all lumpy and at the moment they rub so much! Just hoping with time they soften up, I need some big black shoes to stomp around in.

The other things I got are some black lace tights and this dress from Mango.

It looks like nothing special and its definitely not tailored - that's an elasticated waistband if it's not too clear - but I have a shocking lack of wardrobe basics aside from endless tartan shirts that shouldn't really be worn out of the house. And it's from Mango! Which means it's guaranteed to meet all the Made in Green standards so I don't mind that it was £29.99 even though the lining's polyester.

Maybe some time I'll post pictures of clothes on me instead of looking so empty ... it's early days


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