Got a lot of studying to do so won't be around for a bit. Might still update the sustainable shortlist every now and again though ... see you in a couple of weeks after exams are over

I'll leave you with a favourite picture

Ashley Owens, HVRMINN and Kevin Wang
Update: not intending on coming back very soon, got to start on my portfolio and figured there's more important things to do at this age than write things on the internet (14.06.14)


it's in the bag

The Belmont leather rucksack by sustainable brand Abel, £250


give me your thoughts

The blue is only to make the shapes a bit clearer, I haven't thought about what colours I'll actually use yet
I'm planning on making a basic polo neck with a boxy fit, (relatively) long, skinny sleeves and a long placket. I want it to be really soft and fine, mostly white jersey, with some kind of basic pastel design on it. I drew up some sketches of what it could look like but before I decide, I want some opinions. Which shapes do you prefer? How would you alter them?